unique tea blends fueled with exploration and discovery


There was a time where tea was not simply a commodity beverage; it was a journey. Each new blend was a peek into another corner of the world, a glimpse at the flora of a region distinct to each skillfully crafted batch, peppered with herbs and spices unique to the corner of the world that originated the leaves.

It is a passion for this idea of tea that drives St. Bastian’s. We scour the world for herbs, spices, and ingredients to craft unique experiences in each cup. We craft small batches of expertly blended teas that capture much more than a fine cup of tea. At St. Bastian’s, we are enamored with the journey and excitement of unique teas and we promise to share it with you in every bag.


While we do enjoy a great cup of Earl Grey or fine Darjeeling, our aim is not to provide more of the same. Our blends are bold, experimental, and limited. We begin each blend with the idea of a place or a journey, then add ingredients to transport you there. This is not your ordinary cup of tea. You will find St. Bastian’s tea amongst adventurers dare go boldly into the world.