Tea Selections

Inspired by tradition, fueled by Discovery

An earl grey so smoky and smooth, it’s almost like drinking a beautifully aged scotch. The distinct aroma of the lapsang souchong blends perfectly with the traditional zest of earl grey, creating a tea that’s not only delicious, but deliciously aromatic.

Brew at 212°F for 5 minutes
Serve Straight or with Milk and Sugar

INGREDIENTS: Ceylon Tea Traditionally Flavored with Bergamot Oil, Orange Peel, and Cornflowers. Blended with Pine Smoked Lapsang Souchong, cut with Tangy Rosehips and sweetened with Vanilla.

The fragrant and floral elements of lavender engage with the timeless flavour of earl grey, producing a tea that balances the citric charm of a traditional earl grey with the light sweetness of calming lavender.

Brew at 212°F for 3 minutes
Serve with Milk and Sugar

INGREDIENTS: Ceylon and Assam Blended and Flavored with Tradition Bergamot and Orange Peel. Accented with lots of Lavender and a touch of Vanilla.

A breakfast blend that truly lives up to the name, this tea brings together four distinct varieties of tea as well as chocolate to serve up a highly caffeinated tapestry of flavors. The perfect tea to wake you up and keep you going, all in a robust and fragrant cup of tea.

Brew at 180°F for 5 minutes
Serve Straight

INGREDIENTS: Assam, Ceylon, Gunpowder, and Yerba Mate combine to create an intense breakfast blend, cocoa nibs add depth and flavor as well as a 5th punch of caffeine.

Mild Green Tea from the Fujian province that includes the unopened buds as well as the leaves, brightened with Orange Peel, and Lemon Verbena.

Brew at 180°F for 2 minutes
Serve Straight or with a drop of Honey

This minty tea not only serves to calm and soothe an upset stomach, but the complex flavors of both green tea and mate mixing with the cool and crisp mint makes this a much grander cup of mint tea than you’ll find elsewhere. It calls to mind the sort of drink one might expect a forest witch to serve a weary traveler.

Brew at 180 for 3 minutes
Serve with Lemon and Honey

INGREDIENTS: Green Tea, and Mate blended with Mint and Soothing Spices and Bright Citrus, mildly caffeinated, for upset stomachs.

The gorgeously bold aroma of this tea fills the room and the sweetness of chocolate and coconut mix with the spice of the chai, creating a rich and powerful blend.

Brew at 212°F for 5 minutes
Serve with sugar and milk or coconut cream

INGREDIENTS: Ceylon Black Tea with Traditional Masala Spices – Ginger, cardamom, cloves, and and cinnamon – Made playful and sweet with chocolate, coconut, and lemongrass.

Rooibos and Honeybush studded with Egyptian Chamomile, Jasmine and Vanilla. CAFFEINE FREE.

Brew at 212°F for 5 minutes
Serve Straight